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"The Muse never advises me. It's always straight to it. With as few words as possible. And then it's up to me..."

The Strats take over.
The Muse had swooped into my bedroom and said, "Go buy a Strat." And just as suddenly, disappeared into the night. As usual, it wasn't advice. It was more like a form of truth. So I followed this path. And it led straight into "The Next." Into electric Fender Stratocasters. Which might have been the actual goal of the Lab's creative process.

The message was incredibly simple. But I heard it.

And then the next hard work began. Figure out how to play solo electric guitar music on a Strat. In a nearly silent studio.

As always, with my stuff, stay tuned.
I don't always know what I will do next. A lot of that stuff still depends
on my connection with the Muse. As well as the levels of resistance
from the negative world.

There are more recordings of solo electric guitar sessions. Mostly in the style of my Tonal Theory project. I haven't had time to mix and master those tracks. Yet.

Find out more about PwM's solo improv electric music:


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