Recording Info Sheet:

Last Chance Album Cover

Title: Last Chance Deconstruction Blues

Style/Series: Longform - Hardcore Studies

Format: EPS (Extended Play Single)

Recording Date: 2015

Release Date: Various

Track Notes (Bandcamp):

These were experimental recordings. For generating ideas. Not for release. After rent increases abruptly ended the Lab, I decided some of the exploratory tracks were interesting enough to share. For full effect, TURN IT UP. Don't forget to turn it back down.

The title says it all. Last chance to record some of my most radical deconstructed acoustic blues ideas. How far out there could I get? How rough and tough could it get?

I was exhausted from moving out of the Acoustic Blues Lab studio. In a state of impaired judgment. All that was left was mismatched gear. And a Sony handheld recorder.

Right away, crazy unadvisable stuff started to happen. Short-circuited leads. Roller coaster drop-outs. Pushing into lower registers. Lots of fret rattle. And meandering cadences. Every taboo idea I'd been intending to explore. All at once. Which resulted in a nearly complete breakdown of structure. To the point of sonic deconstruction.

The only way I can describe this is, the music started playing me. And then proceeded to empty me out.

I'm not saying this is a good thing. But that's what the lab was for. Going too far. So I expect most people will hate this track. Except for a few other fractious blues phreaks.


Instrument Tech:
Guitar: 1974 Martin D-18
Mods: Carbon fiber saddle, fat frets, ebony bridge pins
Tuning: C#G#C#F#G#C# (DADGAD a half-step down)

Player Tech:
Style: Bare-handed, no picks
Slide: Craftsman 11/16ths thick wall deep socket

composed by PwM
Audio production by PwM
(Mea culpa)
Version: 160821
Acoustic Blues Lab Release: 7/8
Music 2015 Paul Warren Miller
Art 2023 Paul Warren Miller
License: All rights reserved

The Hardcore Studies:
This project was intended to push further into hardcore blues than
common sense would advise.


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