Recording Info Sheet:


Title: The Sinking of the Larsen B

Style/Series: Longform - Explorative

Format: Extended Play Single (EPS)

Recording Date: 2015

Release Date: Various

Track Notes (Bandcamp):

These were experimental recordings. For generating ideas. Not for release. After rent increases abruptly ended the Lab, I decided some of the exploratory tracks were interesting enough to share. For full effect, TURN IT UP. Don't forget to turn it back down.

The Larsen B is not a sailing ship that went down in stormy seas. It's one of the biggest ice sheets in Antarctica. The smaller Larsen A has already sunk. When the Larsen B sinks, we don't know what will happen. All we know is, sea levels will significantly rise.

This long-form track was spontaneously composed in one take. No edits. Nothing but me and the guitar. Somehow, my inner suppressed classical background surfaced. Late at night, in the lab.

Bashing away on my modified Martin DM12 12-string, in abject frustration. Suitably appropriate to the circumstances.

This modded DM is the most aggressive acoustic 12-string I've ever played. With a chiming upper register and a downright vicious bottom end. And this was bare handed. The full sound was limited by my Sony portable audio recorder's condenser mics.


Instrument Tech:
Guitar: 2001 Martin DM12 12-String
Mods: Carbon fiber saddle, ebony bridge pins
Tuning: Open G

Player Tech:
Style: Bare-handed, no picks
Slide: Craftsman 11/16ths thick wall deep socket

composed by PwM Audio production by PwM
(Mea culpa)
Version: ML2 PL5 v190207 Acoustic Blues Lab Release: 4/8
Music 2015 Paul Warren Miller
Art 2021 Paul Warren Miller
License: All rights reserved

The Hardcore Studies:
This project was intended to push further into hardcore blues than
common sense would advise.


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