This site uses Brutalist website design

Simplicity is a Virtue.
While it may not be apparent, this web site uses esoteric Brutalist design principles and methods. The main design principle for Brutalist web sites is extreme (brutal) simplicity.

Brutalism is a formal design style. It is usually applied to a mid-twentieth century international architecture style. More information about this design approach, and its history, can be found here:

Wikipedia Brutalist Architecture page.

Programmer and author David Copeland has provided an excellent technical explanation of the application of Brutalist architectural principles to web design on his website:

Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design.

One of this site's Brutalist design features is its ability to shrink or expand its overall display size through advanced HTML design and coding, rather than using Responsive Design.

There are many advantages to not using responsive coding methods. Responsive Design requires the use of "Browser Sniffers" to identify the devices that are requesting access to the web site. Thus, Browser Sniffers are constantly in need of updates to stay current. This requires dedicated IT specialists to keep up with new devices, and any changes in coding protocols. Responsive Design also requires multiple versions of the web site, in different sizes, to fit the full range of devices. Along with the need to consistently update these multiple versions of the site.

By using a Butalist Design approach, this web site is accessible to nearly all computing devices using the same HTML code. Including all desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and most smart phones.

To provide this level of performance and efficiency, this web site uses an advanced version of basic HTML coding.

The design methods used by this web site include:

Industrial strength HTML code

Secure double-locked tables

Typography controlled by dedicated CSS

Glass brick spacer techniques

Indented and commented code

Code redundancy for reliability

Practical kludges based on experience

The take-away?

Brutalist web design is not as simple as it looks.


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