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The main issue is, respect ©. Copyright means the right to copy.
All of the intellectual property in this website is copyrighted and subject to the Terms and Conditions of site usage.

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The site is generous in the sharing of information. However, there is an obvious difference between sharing and unauthorized use of copyrighted content.

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What is written below in legal jargon can be summarized as follows: don't copy or reproduce anything from this site without written permission.

The Legal Language
Unless explicitly noted and described otherwise, everything here, including the music, the words, the visual artwork, and the website itself, is copyrighted. The intellectual property contained therein, includes but is not limited to: copyrighted music, music files, music scores, music notation, images, visuals, photography, diagrams, charts, maps, writing and programming. All of the aforementioned content and programming on this site is the exclusive property of Paul Warren Miller, unless otherwise noted, and it is protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized use of any content from this site without written permission is prohibited.


Note: Text and visual content are copyrighted.

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