American Guitar Composer John Fahey

"RIP Fahey. Although I think that is highly doubtful."

The iconic solo acoustic guitarist.
American guitar composer John Fahey is one of the most mythical and legendary characters in music history. He was, and is, always interesting. As well as a source of frustration to nearly everyone who knew him.

John Fahey was always up to something. And probably still is. Messing around with stuff. Who knows what or where.

He was a hidden influence on countless musicians. Including most solo acoustic and electric guitarists. And many avant garde musicians, creative producers, and early blues record collectors.

John Fahey passed on February 22, 2001, in Salem, Oregon. From complications during heart surgery. This should come as no surprise, considering his life of heavy drinking, no exercise, and the roadhouse diner food he favored.

Fahey was the epitome of the Sinatra song, "My Way."

Regardless of the advice he no doubt received on a regular basis,
I doubt John Fahey would have lived his life any differently.


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