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"Living my rock and roll dream...
what a great experience." - PwM

My music BG? Fair enough. Here it is.
For five years, I was a multi-intrumentalist in the pro pop rock group that I cofounded. Playing electric fretted and fretless basses, and acoustic finger-style 6 and 12-string guitars. Along with arranging and singing vocal harmonies. We were usually booked solid. In the AFM union and all that.

Rock and roll was a great experience. And five years was enough.
After rock and roll, I went into national media. Yes, for the money. Where, as part of my Creative Director jobs, I produced commercial recording sessions in pro studios. During this time, I also played lead guitar in a New York area improv art band for five years. And various guitars in a few weirdo alt music groups. Then I got into solo guitar.
And building exploratory project studios.

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