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"After living enough of my
rock and roll dream..."

My music background?
For five years, I was a multi-intrumentalist
in the pro pop rock group that I cofounded. Then I went into national media. Yes for the money. Here's a brief background.

Note. The following recording info isn't about me. It's about you.
I'm not putting myself forward. I'm just someone who was able to figure out enough to get out there for real. These days, I am an exploratory psych and ambient solo theoretical west coast rock solo guitarist. Whatever anyone else wants to call it. Personal film music, abstract inner space landscapes, whatever.

Since the Lab's music was never meant to be popular, I assume you won't like it. Especially since it doesn't fit into any recognizable categories. Which was the point of the project. But whether you do or don't respond to it doesn't matter. I made this music strictly for myself.

I also learned a few things along the way. After my pro rock days,
I became a pro writer. Which magically transported me into producing audio projects in pro studios. So why not communicate some of what
I learned from those experiences?

Parts of this site are about choosing and setting up acoustic guitars for recording. There's not much info on how to do that. I was lucky to be part of Seattle's underground acoustic guitar scene for a few years. Until the trend winds shifted, and all that. So I am presenting this info as some of the dark secrets of setting up acoustic recording guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Recording Info:

What to Look For in an Acoustic Recording Guitar

Important Factors When Recording Acoustic Guitars


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